Turn success into significance®

Wealth management for exceptional artists, entertainers and athletes. By referral only.

At Stonebridge, we believe it is one thing to help
someone achieve greater success; it is quite another to
enjoy a life of significance. We help our clients do both.

Live the life you imagined.

Our WonderLife® experience helps high‐profile clients envision the future, rendering that vision into measurable goals and objectives consistent with their values, creating pathways to success and significance.

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The glory of your story.

Our goal is to help our clients turn career success into a life of significance. For many, it means creating a legacy that will live beyond their lifetime, impacting their families, communities or culture in a meaningful and lasting way.

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What happens when you focus on lives instead of benchmarks?

This isn't about risk and return objectives ‐ that's simply math. This is about identifying and articulating what you love and care about most, understanding your obstacles and opportunities, and how you desire to live your life.

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Why it changes everything.

WonderLife® helps bring the dream into the routine. If you want to see where you will be in five or ten years, or end of career, just look at what you did today. Now is a powerful moment and underscores the importance of being fully present and engaged in your life.

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We're Different

Stonebridge is a community of exceptional individuals and families who desire to live an exceptional life; the WonderLife®.

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