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About Stonebridge

Headquartered in Nashville, Stonebridge is a second generation wealth manager and multi‐family office serving high‐profile clients in the arts, entertainment and professional sports. Our goals based solutions bridge career, financial and lifestyle objectives allowing our clients to more fully enjoy the opportunities and benefits of exceptional wealth.

At Stonebridge, we believe it is one thing to help someone achieve greater success; it is quite another to enjoy a life of significance. We help our clients do both.

Turn success into significance®

As a skilled provider of life and wealth solutions, Stonebridge helps clients and their families create, preserve and enhance wealth with comprehensive solutions based on two compelling advantages:

  • An indepth understanding of the celebrity world.
  • The ability to address the needs and wants of the successful artist, entertainer or athlete in a more holistic manner.
Since 2002, we combined deep technical expertise, the highest standards for privacy and discretion with a network of elite service providers focusing on the needs of high-profile clients. Drawing on years of experience and specialized knowledge, we understand that celebrities face remarkably different challenges than other wealthy individuals with the intersection of money and notoriety. Stonebridge aligns and organizes its talented professionals into client service teams, which understand both the advantages and drawbacks of fame and fortune. We provide support and guidance to our clients and remain attuned to the rhythm of their lives; the constant demands required to maintain a life and career in the spotlight.
Today, Stonebridge is a community of exceptional individuals and families who desire to live an exceptional life; the WonderLife®.
"Success is when I add value to myself. Significance is when I add value to others." – John C. Maxwell

By referral only.

Stonebridge is a fully independent, fee‐only, Registered Investment Adviser. From the beginning, we have partnered with business managers, agents and attorneys serving high‐profile clients who understand and embrace the power of collaboration. In our experience, the best client outcomes are achieved with a multidisciplinary team of family office, accounting, tax, legal, business and wealth management professionals backed by a longstanding commitment to a fiduciary standard and transparency necessary to preserve and enhance career earnings. As a result of that belief, clients are accepted by referral only.
"Fortune favors the bold." ‐ Virgil
  • The Loews Vanderbilt Tower
  • 2100 West End Avenue, Suite 660, Nashville, TN 37203
  • (615) 309-0832 | (800) 847-1030

Investment advisory services are offered through Stonebridge Investment Counsel, LLC (“Stonebridge”) and/or OneAscent Financial Services, LLC (“OAFS”), registered investment advisers with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.

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